Leprechauns Barbecue “LA PLANCHA DES FARFADETS”

Make yourself at home ... but without preparing and without doing the dishes


Grill concept created at DéfiPlanet 'in Dienné to eat while having fun, music and songs.   It is a wooden chalet where 3 planchas are arranged to accommodate up to 24 people at the same time. (3 tables of 8 people maximum)


The Chef of the DéfiPlanet 'restaurant has concocted meats and fish marinated according to the customs of the farfadets.


To access the main room of the planchas, one must first borrow a tunnel. After reception by the farfadets, you will get food and drinks in the various refrigerators provided for this purpose.


On each table, a game in songs is waiting for you to be able to entertain you while eating.

In order to offer you always more tasty products, our meat and fish are marinated.

OPEN every day lunch and dinner by reservation at least the day before 16h00.

Adults (ages 13 and up)

Meat: 24.90 € / pers

Fish: 27.00 € / pers

Children (under 13 years)

Meat: 10.50 € / pers

Fish: 12.50 € / pers