Accommodation types

You looking for unusual holiday where to spend a night in the trees, in a gipsy caravan or why not in a mongolian yurt ?

Look no further ! DéfiPlanet’ is the perfect unusual place for you !  Near to Poitiers-Futuroscope (25 minutes), Vienne (86) our place offers unique accommodation in a 50-hectare park.

A unusual night in a cabin in the tree, rabbit house or even in our manor in the tree is the synonym of holidays with family, friends, where you will discover a natural and comfortable accommodation. All our accommodation are equipped with heater.

Whether it is to spend several nights or a week, our accommodation are wonderfull place to spend unusual holiday.

In the mid of our village, you can find unusual hotel, compound of 6 module (4 rooms each). This hotel are perfect for child group, family event (cousinhood, birthday or other).

During your holiday, you can enjoy our activities (some extra) : Theme park, tree climbing, archery, horse ridding and many others ...

Discover an unusual accommodation, it's to fall back into childhood for a moment, awaken our child's soul and living a magical moment. Imagine to come back from holiday, and to explain to your collegues or friends that you have spend your stay in a castle in the tree, perched at 8 meters. Or to explain that each morning you woke up with rabbits near your unusual rabbit  house.

It's magic moments like those, who make  your holiday, unforgettable holidays !

DéfiPlanet propose 24 hotel rooms , 68 unusual accommodations, 34 camping pitches (20 yurt and 14 bare pitches) and 3 gite.