Chateau in the trees, Unusual hotel, Farmhouses and Farfadets, 17 types of accommodation to choose from

Comfortable accommodation for up to 600 people

Comfortable accommodation for up to 600 people

Within the framework of the seminars, ALL our unusual accommodations are accessible. You will thus have a wide choice among our:


  • Maisons dans les Branches
  • Château dans les Arbres
  • Manoirs dans les Branches avec jacuzzi privatif
  • Hôtel insolite
  • Cabanes dans les Arbres (sans eau courante)
  • Roulottes
  • Maison Escargot
  • Maisons Champignon
  • Maison Poule
  • Maison Lapin
  • Yourtes Isba (bois)
  • Yourtes Mongoles (sans eau courante)
  • Maison de Farfadets
  • Carré d'Étoiles
  • Chalets en bois
  • Gîtes de france


In total more than 600 people can be accommodated in accommodation with running water, electricity and heating but you can also play Robinsons in the more "natural" accommodation. We note here that the bathrooms can be shared according to the accommodation.


Simple operation for immediate efficiency

The principle of the "SINGLE" is applicable in the measure of 1 person / Room.

The principle of "TWIN" is applicable to the extent of 2 persons / Room (but 1 person / bed). It should be noted that we do not use the top bunk beds as part of the seminars.

The principle of "PRIVATIZATION" is applicable to the extent of 1 pers / accommodation.

Unique prices whatever your choice

At our rate proposal, and always according to your request, we will send you our rates in "Single", "Twin" or "Privatization".

This price is invariable whatever your choice of accommodation.  

You can then choose your accommodation according to the definitive number of people and your desires (subject to availability at the request) without impacting your budget.